There are so many suppliers for fairings on the internet, how would we know if a fairing is made by

Motorcyce-fairings is proud of its products, and as a way of showing its pride and assurance of product quality, every fairing underside has the mark “ZXMT” molded into the plastic. More than 80% of the fairings from Asia are produced by our preferred supplier.

What is the material used in the fairings?

Pure virgin ABS plastic is the material of choice as it displays good elasticity and heat tolerance properties.

How would we differentiate between “virgin” ABS plastic and “recycled” ABS plastic?

It is very easy to check. Look for any unpainted area in the backside of the fairings, a white color finish means pure” virgin” ABS plastic while the “recycled” ABS plastic is dark grey or black in color.

What is the difference between INJECTION MOLD and COMPRESSION MOLD fairings?

COMPRESSION MOLD: Plastic tabs and holes crucial to the fitment of the fairing are done manually by hand after the plastic is formed. Any small errors in their placement will result in a fairing that will not fit on the bike properly.
INJECTION MOLD: Every step is machine made and consistently produces complete and identical fairings that are exact specifications as OEM standards. This insures a perfect fit each and every time.

Is it true that a thicker application of clear coat will result in a better looking fairing?

If clear coat application is too thin, decals will easily fall off and the glossy shine will not be very evident. But it also does not mean that a thick clear coat application is better, as too thick application of clear coat will result in drips and cracking finish.

What if I cannot find the paintscheme I want from your website?

You can customize your design and desired paint scheme, as long as you provide us with high quality pictures and instructions for our reference. We have experienced in-house artists and designers to make your paint scheme dreams come true.

Will fairings fit my bike well?

Installation of injection molded fairing is more than 99.99% accurate. If your bike has never experienced a crash and if you are familiar with your bike’s fairing installation, you won’t have any issues, it is just a basic bolt-on job!

What is included in a complete fairing kit?

All fairing parts are shown clearly in the pictures. Heat shields for lower fairings are also provided for every kit. Although not always shown a free screen is included with every fairng.

How long would it take to order fairings?

Normally, painting an injection molded fairing kit takes around 5 days. During rush season about it will take around 7 days.
Compression mold fairings takes longer because the fairings are hand-made, and workers must ensure the fairings surface are prepared correctly before painting.
For Injection mold fairings, our warehouse has stocks of complete kits of unpainted fairings of every bike model ready to be painted. This means unpainted fairing kit orders can be shipped out instantly the next day.

What shipping methods are available and how long would shipping take?

EMS Express is the standard shipping method. Shipping to most destinations around the world takes about 7 -10 days. We give every customers tracking details of their fairing.

What are your policies for defects, exchanges and cancellations?

Damaged, incorrect or missing parts must be reported within 48 hours of fairing package arrival. We will replace all defective/incorrect parts for free.
For order cancellations, be advised that production starts the day payment is confirmed. More than 2 days after payment is confirmed, we will not accept order cancellation

How come you do not have a phone number included?

As this is a truly international business with very different time zones I would rather give a guarantee maximum 12 hour reply to email from me personally than to have someone who doesn’t understand fairings take your calls. I check emails constantly and will usually reply well inside the 12 hour limit

How long have you been around bikes

I have ridden on the road for nearly 30 years. I started knee scraping on a 1985 RZ250R brand new in the day. I love bikes, travel to Phillip Island (a 4000km round trip) nearly every year for Moto GP and World Superbikes and today still own a RZ250R and a BMW K1300S. I follow every make and model and have an intimate knowledge of all sports bikes. Be assured that you are buying from someone who understands your passion and will ensure you receive the best product and impeccable service every time.